It's this easy to integrate...

The LeadsPlease DataWidget, written in JavaScript & CSS, lets you quickly embed mailing list research and procurement in your own website. You get the best mailing list prospecting user interface, backed by our superior database technology, all with the minimal of integration work.

  • Seamless integration into your site

  • Integration is easy

    Integrating the DataWidget into your webpage is as easy as a few lines of code:

          <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
          <script type="text/javascript">
            var config = { widgetid: 'widget',
                           affiliatecode: 'lp',
                           conclusionurl: '',
                           sessionid: 'ABC123' };
            var w = new LeadsPlease.Widget(config);
    <div id="widget"><span/></div>
          <a href="" target="new">Mailing Lists by LeadsPlease</a>

    When the user has finished their research and decides to purchase a list, a message is sent from our server to your server using a simple HTTP POST message according to our simple API. This message gives your server information about the list such as list criteria ID, quantity & price.

    You can order the real mailing list file from us at any point after this according to your own workflow.

  • Flexible

    The DataWidget is flexible, enabling you to customize your website with the powerful data it can provide, such as mailing list counts, prices and even sample data.

    This would enable you, for example, to display real data (names & addresses) in mockup sample mailpieces on your website, even before the user has decided to place an order.

  • It’s all about the Data

    Obviously a nice, powerful easy-to-use interface that’s quick to integrate is not the end of the story. You want quality data as well?! We have 10 years experience in the direct mail industry and realize the importance of data quality when it comes to mailing lists.

    We partner with two of the biggest names in the industry and get regular database updates to keep the data fresh.

    We have very fast, redundant, scalable database servers that crunch all our count requests and produce the mailing list files you use.

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The DataWidget is hands down the most elegant, easy-to-use list acquisition tool in the market today

Bill Nicholson

Director of Professional Services